Introducing Jannik

Meet Jannik, one of our two trainees in Social Media Strategy, in cooperation with VCCP.

Jannik Schäfer has been working part-time at ad agency VCCP and part-time with us for almost two months. Now that he’s properly settled in, it’s time to make a formal introduction.

Where are you from, and what made you want to move to Berlin?
I was born and raised on the outskirts of Cologne, Germany and grew up always wanting to leave the countryside. While the beauty and calm of nature might be very enjoyable on occasion, the vibrant life of a big city does have its advantages for an energetic youngster. I left Cologne, as soon as I could, to study at a Business School in Frankfurt and found that it was not just any other city that would do the trick. I spent about a year abroad in Paris and have seen quite a few cities around Europe, but upon graduation was pretty firm on the idea that it would have to be Berlin next. The city combines many of the most important elements that make a great home for me. There are creative, intelligent, inspiring and crazy people, there is (still) affordable space and a hugely energetic subculture. Who would want to miss out on that?

What drew you into the world of social media strategy?
I have always had quite a good time on the internet. I started spending time online from about twelve onwards and never stopped exploring and trying to figure out the mechanics of it. When the topic of social media started popping up in mainstream media outlets, I was already sure that communication online was going to be the next big thing. I wrote my bachelor thesis on evaluating Facebook pages and social media strategy in general and discovered that classical scientific research hadn’t really caught up with reality yet. I have always, amongst other things, been interested in brand strategy and good advertising campaigns and so when I was offered the opportunity to learn and work with Third Wave and VCCP, it seemed like a great next step to me. It is probably not a shame to admit that I have spent a few hours on the social networks and the underlying mechanics of it all has often left me fascinated and thrilled in the light of untapped possibilities.

What would you most like to dig into during your traineeship?
I always had a gut feeling about what worked out online and what didn’t. I could pick campaigns or newborn web trends that would make it and ones that would fail but I never really had the knowledge to back up my assumptions. Besides the usual blogs there was never really an interesting source of knowledge I could turn to and so I was very glad to find that I had come to a place where people actually have a working concept. I wish to learn what it takes from all perspectives to make a good strategic plan come true. From the creative, strategic planning through to the real world implementation and execution. There is a lot more to be known about online strategy than what it says in the latest Top 5 list of social media trends.

What takes up most of your free time?
That is a difficult question for me to answer. I would say that as of now it is a very wild mix of things, as I have just changed cities twice within a few months and have a lot of settling-in to do. I would assume most of my time goes into enjoying friends, music, films and shows, (mostly) non-fictional reading, enjoying cold beverages with other humans and apart from that quoting The Big Lebowski. I’ll make sure to update you as soon as the self-tracking delivers new insights!

Give us a couple links that will helps us to get to know you better.
I made you a Top 5 (wink-wink):

Author: Maddie

Maddie is a strategist and researcher. She spends much of her time on the think tank side of Third Wave, and enjoys getting into the details of many different topics at once. Through this foraging for information, she finds ways to apply knowledge from one field in new, seemingly disparate ones, both in client work and other research. She holds an interdisciplinary BA in Computer Science, Linguistics and German, and has previously worked at VCCP and at the Science Gallery in Dublin.