Meet Jasmine

Meet Jasmine Probst, who has recently joined us for an internship. We’re excited to have her with us.

As of June 1st, we’ve had a new face in the office: Jasmine Probst. She’s come to Berlin for two months from a somewhat sunnier California, and is doing an internship with us as part of her Masters program, an MBA in Design Strategy. We’re excited to work with and learn from her over the coming weeks. Welcome, Jasmine!

What got you interested in coming to Berlin?
Something just sort of drew me here. I don’t have an extremely specific answer, to be honest.

My father is from Freiburg and my mother is English but grew up in Switzerland. I was born in the US with dual EU/US citizenship and always wanted to live in Europe for a bit. With a break between school semesters and the time to do an internship, I found my opportunity.

So why Berlin? I had never been to the city before but heard many wonderful things about the creativity going on here. Also, one of my undergraduate seminars was on the Pink Triangle and that had sparked my historical cultural curiosity. Over the years, various people and interests all started aligning and pointing this way. I’m following the path as it unfolds.

How did you get into the field of business and design?
Design has always been something I’ve been exposed to and interested in — I grew up in a design family; both of my parents are graphic designers and design educators. My own undergraduate degree is in electronic media and journalism. After college, I moved to New York City and started working at a communication/branding design firm, where I found a niche as a content person and writer. That realm has been my bread and butter for the past six years.

Traditionally, design and business are understood and taught as exclusive disciplines. In practice, however, they (can/should) work hand in hand. Working at the interface of creative and analytical thinking: that’s where I want to be.

When I started to get serious about graduate school, I looked into a few traditional MBA programs to “balance” my Bachelor of Fine Arts. Instead, I was quickly drawn in by the new-ish hybrid programs that foster a whole-brain approach. In May I completed my first year in the MBA in Design Strategy program at California College of the Arts in San Francisco; I’m getting a lot out of the integrated, holistic curriculum.

I think there’s an exciting and rewarding future for organizations and individuals that are agile in understanding diverse perspectives and adapting to different scenarios and collaborators.

Anything you’re particularly eager to learn about or work on while you’re here?
I’m enthusiastic about being involved in the multidisciplinary strategy work and discourse at Third Wave. It is great to connect topics I’m studying in school to real-world projects, while absorbing the flow and insights here in the office — I’m impressed and refreshed by the intellectual curiosity and productivity.

I’m also happy to apply my own experience dealing with content to help crystallize some of Third Wave’s communication materials about process, etc. It’s a nice bridge between the kind of work I have done and the kind of work I’m transitioning into.

What are you reading about these days?
I’m addicted to The New Yorker, so anything that shows up in that publication usually passes through my eyes. For daily news, I check The New York Times.

I did a ton of reading for school this past year — many, many, many articles and books about innovation, business models, design strategy, marketing, communication, economics, leadership…for example, Business Model Generation, Switch, and Designing for Growth.

The next book I plan to crack is The Information. Also, my husband recently picked up a copy of the Spring 2012, Means of Communication issue of Lapham’s Quarterly for me, which I’m excited about.

Could you give us a few links to help us get to know you better?

  • My professional website is a good place to get a glimpse of the branding work I’ve done. It needs to be updated with samples of research and strategy projects I did in school — a potential side project if I find the time this summer (not very likely since I expect to be out exploring when not in the Third Wave office).
  • To learn more about my graduate program, check out the CCA MBA in Design Strategy description and student blog.
  • When I need to shake things up mentally during the work day, I like trolling FastCompany’s blogs.
  • If I flip on the radio, it’s for NPR. If I turn on the TV, I tune to PBS.
  • In my daily personal life, I enjoy yoga and good food. One of my favorite places to find recipes is 101 Cookbooks. While I’m in Germany, I’m trying a membership with YogaVibes, a website where one of my favorite teachers from the studio I went to in Venice, CA, has some videos.
  • I spend so much time online these days that, when I get the chance, I really love to disconnect.

Author: Maddie

Maddie is a strategist and researcher. She spends much of her time on the think tank side of Third Wave, and enjoys getting into the details of many different topics at once. Through this foraging for information, she finds ways to apply knowledge from one field in new, seemingly disparate ones, both in client work and other research. She holds an interdisciplinary BA in Computer Science, Linguistics and German, and has previously worked at VCCP and at the Science Gallery in Dublin.

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