On the road: NYC, SXSW

Over the next couple of weeks we’ll be on the road to meet folks and go to SXSW. March 5-10 we’ll be in NYC, from March 11-15 at Austin for SXSW. If you want to meet up, ping us!

Dopplr Travel Plan

Dopplr Travel Plan

Over the next couple of weeks we’ll be on the road to meet folks and to attend SXSW. Here’s our rough schedule to make it easier to meet up.

March 5 – 10 we’ll be NYC. Sunday we’ll be at Transportation Camp East. The rest of the week we’re going to be around to meet and talk. Brownie points for proposing a meetup in a great coffee shop.

March 11-15 we’ll be headed for Austin to attend SXSW, where Igor hosts a panel (“How does SciFi influence our future cities“) with Harvard professor Jo Guldi and Adam Greenfield of Urbanscale.

Afterwards we’ll be back in Berlin at least for a little while. If you’d like to meet up, get in touch!

Author: Peter

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