What we read this week (18 Jan)

This week, we read articles about Aaron Swartz, his work and beliefs, justice and tragedy.

Quotes of the week

I don’t consider this writing, I consider this thinking.

Aaron Swartz

I think we need to do a better job explaining the state of the world to people, which is mostly an old-fashioned research and writing project. There’s an enormous amount of curiosity these days about how things like the government and the media work and how, in the US, things have gone so wrong. But nobody is doing a very good job of providing the answers.

Aaron Swartz

Articles of the week

Week 119: Aaron Swartz

This week, we say goodbye to Aaron Swartz, young activist, builder and great source of inspiration.

As the weekend was unfolding, so was the story about the tragic death of Aaron Swartz. Co-author of the RSS protocol, co-founder of Reddit, major force behind Creative Commons, one of the heroes of the free movement, a hacker and a builder. In his too short life, Aaron brought more people together, accomplished more than one can hope for in a life-time. Him being gone at the young age of 26 is a tragedy to his family and friends, but also to everyone who has used and will use the internet.

Many things have been written about his death, about the unjust prosecution that he had to endure and about his accomplishments. If anything, I encourage you to honor his life by reading about him, about his work, his life. Here are a few links where you can start.

Lawrence Lessig #1, Lawrence Lessig #2, Parker Higgins, Cory Doctorow, Tim Berners-Lee, Guerilla Open Access Manifesto, Remember Aaron Schwartz

Be curious. Read widely. Try new things. I think a lot of what people call intelligence just boils down to curiosity.

– Aaron Swartz, at the age of 21.

Rest in peace, Aaron.