Week 92

For this weekend we asked some friends to each bring a friend and join us for a short trip out of the city. We set up camp at a gorgeous old palace, that in true summer style boasted walks, swims, marshmallow campfires, games and lots and lots of conversations. Also, we kicked off a new interview series with people who inspire us.


A little while ago we figured it’d be nice to take a weekend off with a bunch of friends and friends’ friends. So we went ahead and just invited five people each, each of whom would bring another person along, and rented a little palace. (Yes, that’s right, a palace. Or maybe a château, who knows.) As a joke, internally we called it BerlinFTW, which could double as a bad pun riffing on the Foo Camp theme (“foo” = friends of O’Reilly, “ftw”=friends of Third Wave), but really is meant to celebrate Berlin, as in “Berlin for the win“.

the lake / Dorfsee

And so after a weekend of lots of both sun and rain, of camp fire and marshmallows, of walks and a swim in the pool and games and conversations, we’re back to work, recharged and ready to go.

Long story short: Thanks everyone for a fantastic weekend. Hopefully we can do that again sometime soon!


We kicked off a new series of interviews with people we admire and who inspire us. The first installment features our friend Caroline Drucker, who just took over as country manager for Etsy Germany. We couldn’t have asked for a better start to the series and we’re lining up a whole bunch of great people for more. Keep an eye on the interview category on our blog for updates.

We also got interviewed: Igor about the future, Johannes by Gold magazine (.de) about the Quantified Self and personal analytics. Gold is a fresh take on sports magazines in general, so if you see it, you might want to pick up a copy.