Week 162 + 163

Igor reports back from two packed weeks, building labs, starting new projects with a focus on Brazil and buying a Little Printer.

Look, it’s a double feature again. Last week flew by without me realizing that I missed out on writing a week note.

Here we are, second half of November. Before soon, it will be Christmas and 2013 will feel like ancient history. I blame my early end-years attitude on our friends from MoreSleep / Freunde von Freunden who’s Christmas dinner we attended last Friday. It was fun. Great to see some familiar faces and a surprisingly large amount of new ones as well. Things are good.

Things are good at Third Wave as well. In fact, they are more than just good.

A project that we collaborated on with Edenspiekermann got green-lighted. We have been commissioned by a shared client to be their mobile payment laboratory. Based closely on the OODA loop, we developed a process that helps us tackle two major obstacles:

  1. Validity of the setup – Each cycle is only 4 to a maximum of 6 weeks long. After that the client gets to see our work which can formalize itself in form of a concept, a storyboard, prototypes or something entirely different. With every concluded cycle there is the option to adjust the process and change the team structure.
  2. One of my biggest issues with Labs in general, but especially ones that aren’t part of the corporate structure is that they by and large do not contribute to the company itself. That doesn’t mean that they do not create value. Often this value can not be utilized by the company who was paying the bills. To make sure that this is not the case here, we installed a solid protocol for measuring success.

As always, I regret not to be able to share more details on this project. It has been a great experience so far.

That being said, this lab reminded about work that BERG London has been doing all the way back in 2010. Which, unsurprisingly, triggered my urge to buy a Little Printer. So now we have lots of fun exploring what we can do with our new gadgets beside using it for the project itself. If you have a BERG Cloud account, have been developing things for it or just bought a Little Printer yourself, let us know.

Little Printer

That’s not the only new collaboration that we started. A new client – who, surprisingly, found us through googling – wants us to do some work on the topic of Concentrated solar power – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia in Brazil. Since both our local knowledge as well as our Portuguese are limited, we found ourselves some help and are happy about having more people at the office.

On that note, have a coffee and enjoy a great week.

P.S.: There is a new coffee service on the block. Check out Kaffee bitte!.