Week 109: Our client relationships

Some feedback that confirms our approach to client relationships, and what we like about working with the Mittelstand, or medium-sized businesses.

Good times here at Third Wave. Besides the client work, we’re also progressing on a lot of internal stuff. An overhaul of our Company page on our website is long overdue and will go live in the coming days.

Deeper client relationships

To give future clients a better idea about what it’s like to work with us, we’ve asked some of our clients for feedback on working with us. Here’s what two of them said:

Working with Third Wave has created value in a variety of ways. First of all, their analytical and clean approach to strategy combined with their natural and in-depth experience in the field of social media is rare. Second, they are two very competent and complementary characters that will always come up with surprising insights beyond the bread & butter results and third, they are just great, smart and sympathetic guys to spend time with. Thanks for the good job!

–Yousef Hammoudah, Viacom

Extremely competent, super straightforward, refreshingly pragmatic. Every project should be that much fun.

–Patricia Strehlke, 3A Composites

What I’m really proud of here is that our clients seem to enjoy working with us. A good client relationship has been a special priority for us in the last year. From our experience, the best results develop in a work atmosphere that is powered by mutual respect and collaborative partnership. This is why we put so much effort into getting to know our clients better. This is what makes the difference between a one-off-project vendor and a long-term partner. Deep relationships with our clients is a core value for Third Wave. And it’s good to see that our clients confirm this.

Working for the Mittelstand

I’m in the south of Germany this week for a workshop with a new client. Looks like we’re getting more and more business in this region, which is not really surprising because this is where a lot of the famous Mittelstand is, the pillar of the German economy. We’ve been really enjoying working with these medium-sized, mostly privately-/family-owned businesses. They won’t accept any hollow marketing bla but really appreciate a solid strategy, based on reasonable business goals. We’re looking forward to working with a lot more companies from this field.

I will be in Hamburg on Friday. If you fancy a coffee, ping me.