Week 114

We are setting out to create a curated repository of information about technology’s influence on learning. Our goal is to highlight the broadness of what learning can be today.

As we have slightly hinted at in earlier week notes, we are picking up a new topic to investigate. Like networked cities and the quantified self before, we use these broader topics to dive deep into one field where technology is providing lots of opportunities for change (god, I almost said ‘disruption’). Next up: learning and education. Here’s how we describe the research project:

The world of learning is changing significantly

The purpose of this project is to highlight and make people aware of what is happening in the field of learning in general. We believe that a significant change in the way we think about this topic is not only coming, but already here. It’s just not evenly visible.

That is where we as Third Wave come in. As strategists and curators, we already have a proven record – the Cognitive Cities Conference, the Quantified Self Series, multiple talks at international conferences – of our ability to analyze a topic and provide access to it. We have already begun to gather articles, studies, videos and other material available on this subject, encompassing such areas as changes in university systems worldwide, how education is being made more accessible, how people are tailoring learning to their own interests and needs, and new forms of learning and teaching emerging through technology. From our research, we will produce a carefully selected collection to show a spectrum of the complexity of the topic, and to allow the user to dive into subtopics of her own interest.

We are creating a repository of trends in learning

This project relies on an abundance of human abilities to create new ways to learn. It is our sincere hope to kick-start an easily accessible repository of information about what is happening in the world of learning. The website will consist of an interactive, visual representation of this database, designed to allow visitors to explore the broader theme, delve into particular subtopics of their own interest, and submit items that are not yet present.

We are looking for partners who want to support us or collaborate with us. Be that by contributing their skills to create this website, a visual language for it, with research or financially. If you have any questions, suggestions and/or tips, please drop us a line.

Goodbye for 2012

With that, we close our series of week notes and weekly reads for this year. It was a pleasure bringing our thoughts and whatever inspired us to you. We will be back next year. Until then, enjoy the holidays. Here’s to a big 2013!