Event: Digitale Selbstvermessung – Leben nach Maß?

Am 11./12. Mai veranstalten wir gemeinsam mit der Hybrid Plattform ein Event rund um die Themen Quantified Self und Personal Analytics. Das Programm steht, die Anmeldung läuft.

Note: As this event will be held predominantly in Germany, we’ll keep the announcement in German, too. For a brief summary, see the end of the post.

Wie bereits angekündigt laden Third Wave und Hybrid Plattform ein zum Event Digitale Selbstvermessung:


11.05.2012, 14:00–18:00 12.05.2012, 10:30–14:30


Third Wave, Agentur für digitale Strategien, und die Hybrid Plattform, Ort für transdisziplinäre Projekte der UdK Berlin und TU Berlin, veranstalten am 11. und 12. Mai 2012 ein Symposium mit anschließenden Workshops zum Thema Mensch und Datensammlung in den EIT ICT Labs in Berlin.

Mit jedem verkauften Smartphone gewinnt die Thematik der Selbstvermessung und Selbsterfassung an Relevanz und an Brisanz. Es handelt sich dabei um die eigenständige Erhebung und den Vergleich von Zahlen um Körper-, Gesundheits- und Lebensdaten mit Hilfe von digitalen Geräten. Die Anhänger der Quantified Self-Bewegung sind davon überzeugt, dass die Analyse von humanen Daten wie Schlafzeiten, Blutdruck usw. jedem Einzelnen hilft, sein Leben zu verbessern. Die weit verbreitete Bewegung hat weitreichende Auswirkungen, und zwar nicht nur auf den Einzelnen.

Das Symposium am ersten sowie Workshops am zweiten Veranstaltungstag beleuchten die Thematik Mensch und Datensammlung aus den unterschiedlichsten Blickwinkeln: Welche Daten kann man sammeln und was ist daran ablesbar? Was passiert mit den Daten? Welche gesellschaftlichen und wirtschaftlichen Auswirkungen hat das Sammeln der Daten? Welche Entwicklungen dieser Technologie zeichnen sich ab? Welche Wissenschaften werden in welcher Tiefe eingebunden?

Diese Fragen möchte die Veranstaltung gewohnt transdisziplinär und hybrid angehen, um durch die produktive Kollisionen neue Erkenntnisse für unsere Zukunft abzuleiten.


Das Programm wird aus heutiger Sicht wie folgt aussehen, Änderungen und Ergänzungen sind noch möglich:

Freitag, 11.05.2012, 14.00-18.00

  • 14:00-14.05 Begrüßung durch Christoph Gengnagel, UdK Berlin
  • 14.05-14.10 Begrüßung durch EIT ICT Labs
  • 14.15-14.35 Johannes Kleske, Third Wave, Einführung in QS und Feedback Loops
  • 14.50-15.10 Kora Kimpel, Professor UdK Berlin
  • 15.25-15.45 Florian Schuhmacher, Münchner QS-Gründer
  • 16.00-16.20 Yasmina Haryono, Fjord, Datenvisualisierung, Personal Analytics
  • 16.35-16.55 Prof. Sebastian Möller, Deutsche Telekom Laboratories und TU Berlin, Quantified Self in HCI: Models and Implications
  • 17.10-17.30 Daniela Kuka, WiMi UdK Berlin

Samstag, 12.5.2012, 10.30-14.30

  • 10.30-10.45 Begrüßung/Vorstellung der Workshops
  • 10.45-11.15 Awareness Talk von Ahmet Acar
  • 11.15-12.45 Workshops Runde 1
  • 12.45-13.00 Pause
  • 13.00-14.30 Workshops Runde 2
  • 14.30-15.00 kurze Präsentation der Ergebnisse/Abschlussrunde/Feedbackrunde

Workshops geben voraussichtlich: Daniela Kuka, Moritz Greiner-Petter, Wolfgang Spahn, detaillierte Beschreibungen der Workshops finden Sie im Anmeldeformular.

Teilnahme & Anmeldung

Die Teilnahme ist kostenlos, die Anzahl der Teilnehmer ist auf 100 begrenzt (Link zum Anmeldeformular).

Für einige der Workshops benötigen die Teilnehmer Laptops und/oder Verbrauchsmaterialien. Diese können mit vorbestellt werden; die Bestellung ist verbindlich und muss vor Ort bar bezahlt werden.

Presse & Medienvertreter

Für Journalisten haben wir begrenzt zusätzliche Plätze zu Verfügung. Auch hier erfolgt die Anmeldung über das Anmeldeformular – am Ende des Formulars finden sich die relevanten Formfelder. Für Interviewanfragen richten Sie sich gerne jederzeit an Peter Bihr, Geschäftsführer von Third Wave, oder Marguerite Joly, UdK-Projektkoordinatorin der Hybrid Plattform.

English summary: Together with Hybrid Plattform, we organize a two day event around the idea of the quantified self, self-tracking and personal analytics. It’s a two day event, held predominently in German, in Berlin on May 11/12 with one half day of talks and one half day of hands-on workshops.

Week 76

Last week we spent some time thinking about when the time is right for hiring someone. Also, we have some updates for you on three events we’re involved in: Next12, Digitale Selbstvermessung and Ignite Berlin.

Thoughts on hiring

We’re not currently hiring. We might be at some point. In fact it’s crossed our mind more than once, but currently we’re three people plus X, X being maybe an intern or someone like the fantastic Maddie, who’s a trainee at VCCP and spends part of her time working with us.

That said, we regularly get job applications. We get applications from recent graduates, and experienced designers or strategists. Applications for internships, strategist jobs and partners. By email, contact form and twitter. And we feel truly humbled by the amount and quality of them all.

When I read through them, I can’t help but think how skilled and able, sometimes even over-qualified some of these folks seem to be, and wonder: What are the main driving forces at work here? Is it Berlin’s appeal, or working in a small shop, or a function of the struggling US economy? A tiny voice inside my head says it’s because the stuff of what we’ve done; rationally I know that’s only one small part of the overall story. I know that not just because it’d be over-estimating our appeal as an employer — which by definition we cannot even have yet, having never employed anyone — but also by just thinking back to the applications I sent out myself over the years. A good deal was for things I really, really wanted to do, often sent at a whim in the middle of the night. Some of these gigs I applied for because I wanted to spend time at one place or another, or because the topic interested me, or to learn stuff. It stands to reason that at least a part of the applications we get fall into one or more of these categories.

So I read them, and we talk about them, and sometimes it’s perfectly clear that one of the candidates would be a great addition to the team. This is the hardest moment: To realize there’s someone great, yet you cannot hire them at that point. And it would be just as unfair to tell them that maybe at some point in the future you want to hire them: If I was the applicant and received that kind of signal it might just throw me off balance instead of staying my course.

Am I complaining about getting applications? Absolutely not. Hearing that someone would like to work side by side with you is the nicest compliment. Yet, before we’re even near to hiring anyone, there are plenty of questions to consider beyond just economics. What type of personality & experience level would fit? How would another person on the team affect team dynamics? Should an extra person add new skills or increase the punching power in our current skill sets?

So no, we’re not currently hiring. But we might, at some point. Figuring out the who/what/when is exciting, as are the prospects for the coming years – but the timing is key.


More details are coming together regarding the events we’re involved in. Over at Next12, the planning of our three stages is getting a final polish. Our joint event with Hybrid Plattform, Digitale Selbstvermessung is getting more concrete as we already did a location check. Hint: this is the view:

Location check

And last but not least, we found a location for Ignite Berlin. And not just any location, but one that has some truly excellent coffee – the baristas work with Portland’s finest beans, straight from Stumptown. Check out the site for more details & let us know there if you’d like to give a lightning talk.

What else is happening?

Our glimpse into the near future is still getting quite a bit of attention, as both stats and conversations tell us. We have some travel coming up and some interesting, but as-of-yet confidential projects in the proverbial pipeline. Johannes will be finishing up a series of in-house presentations at a client agency. Keep an eye on the blog and on Twitter for some blog posts and slides about the topics covered there. Igor will do a workshop with a favorite startup around here, and I’ll try to tick off a bunch of items on my todo list before leaving on a vacation next week.

In other words, exciting times all ’round. And we couldn’t be happier.

Friday at six

Summer is coming up and the days are getting longer, so it’s time to get out of the office! We thought that a very relaxed way to do this is to meet up over drinks – we want to see you this Friday. Hopefully, some of our neighbors will join us, too. So here’s the deal: We’ll be at Luzia from 18:00 to about 19:30, and we’d be happy to see you there. Swing by for a nice, cold beverage, and bring your friends.


Summer is coming up and the days are getting longer, so it’s time to get out of the office! We thought that a very relaxed way to do this is to meet up over drinks – we want to see you this Friday. Hopefully, some of our neighbors will join us, too. So here’s the deal: We’ll be at Luzia from 18:00 to about 20:00, and we’d be happy to see you there. Swing by for a nice, cold beverage, and bring your friends (Facebook signup).

Image: IMG_1550 / Uli Herrmann / CC BY-SA 2.0