Week 62

Where we welcomed Maddie to our team, sent Igor to Umeå and worked on our own near future.

We’re in a bit of an end of year sprint that will last till the end of next week. After that, we’ll wrap up for the rest of the year and enjoy the holidays. So: one more week, go!

Welcome Maddie!

As of last Thursday, Maddie Maher will be working with us. Well, half with us, half with VCCP. We will try to guide her on the way to becoming a digital strategist, and she will help us out with a few projects. Expect her name to show up on our blog more regularly. Also, we did a little introduction interview with Maddie.

IoT2011 at Umeå

Igor was invited to join a fantastic conference, Critically Making the Internet of Things at Umeå, Sweden. It was a great occasion to meet some of the smartest folks out there, in an intimate setting in the middle of nowhere in north Sweden. Bruce Sterling, Molly Steenson, Anne Galloway, Johanna Drucker and Chris Speed were all there, just to name drop a few. More on that soon.

Next Berlin

Our track curation for Next Berlin is coming together nicely. Just having the chance to invite all these great people to speak is quite neat, so in fact my track is filling up quickly. I might have to slow down a bit to leave some space for last minute recruiting. We’re also slowly inching towards a couple more events next year, so follow this blog and our Twitter accounts closely for updates and announcements.

Have a good week & enjoy the holiday season.