What we read this week (23 Sep)

It was a week of light reading for us: Robot clocks, meaningful metrics and leadership by serendipity. You know, just the usual. Enjoy your reading.

It was a week of light reading for us. Here’s what we got for you.

  • BERG London: Product sketch: Clocks for Robots
    BERG in London has been thinking quite a bit about how to make the world robot-readable. Here are some thoughts (and sketches) on how time & place change, and can be made more easy to navigate, for robots. Meet the robot clock.
  • Love Metrics – Only Dead Fish
    Neil Perkin shares his thoughts on meaningful (as opposed to vanity) metrics.
  • Joi Ito: Thoughts on leadership
    “The cost of planning, predicting and managing rapidly changing, complex systems often exceeds the cost of actually doing whatever is being planned and managed.” Joi Ito on leadership in an age of decentralization, disruption and networked innovation. Embrace serendipity!

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