What we read this week (23 Nov)

This week we read about Gulf futurism from the female perspective, Misfit Wearables’ new shiny gadget, what new things Valve is up to, ‘native advertising’ and Twitter’s core identity.

Quote of the week

The thing we give our information to today is not necessarily the thing that will have it tomorrow.

Warren Ellis

Articles of the week

  • Dazed Digital: The Desert Of The Unreal
    Gulf futurism, and why the oil-rich region’s restrictive desert consumerism holds the keys to the future. A fantastic insight into the female perspective on youth and art culture in Arab countries.
  • Forbes: Misfit Adds Shine To Wearable Health
    A small sensor created by Misfit Wearables that not only tracks movement, but on top of that is waterproof and carefully designed in a way that will not make the wearer want to hide it.
  • AllThingsD: Valve’s Gabe Newell on the Future of Games, Wearable Computers, Windows 8 and More
    Gabe Newell doesn’t look for the spotlight, but when the managing director of Valve speaks, people should usually listen. Don’t put him aside as the guy who runs that gaming company. Yes, Valve produces games – like Half-Life – and yes, it distributes them – through its very successful Steam service – but it is potentially on the brink of building its own gaming console. Not only that, the company is openly exploring how gaming can solve big issues.
  • Jack Marshall: What is ‘Native Advertising’?
    After having caused a lot of buzz in the media and advertising industry, the term ‘native advertising’ gets broken down and redefined by some of the advertising heavyweights out there.
  • Dalton Caldwell: Twitter is pivoting
    Everyone inevitably goes through a time when it is necessary to redefine oneself. That time has also come for Twitter. After reading this, the claims that Twitter has been befallen by the Myspace illness will seem less exaggerated.