What we read this week (5 Apr)

On our varying perception of time, businesses within businesses, why we’re creeped out by the sound of our own voice, the Bitcoin bubble, and inventing jobs rather than searching for them.

Quote of the week

In a world of finite attention spans and seemingly infinite media, internet humour has a unique ability to break through the noise and tell an alternative to a dominant single story. While we are giggling at the jokes, we are also paying attention.

An Xiao Mina

Articles of the week

  • Contents Magazine: 10 Timeframes
    An excellent piece by Paul Ford on our variable and often confusing perception of time, and the control designers have over the way we interact with time.
  • Medium: A business within the business
    Dave Gray describes a way to give employees a greater sense of ownership and more agency within an organization through a change in structure that effectively creates miniature businesses within a business. “Podular” organizations, as he describes them, increase motivation and effectiveness in the long term.
  • NBC News: Why you hate the sound of your own voice
    Neuroscientist Jordan Gaines explains the science behind that cringey feeling you experience when hearing recordings of yourself.
  • Medium: The Bitcoin Bubble and the Future of Currency
    A long read by Felix Salmon on the current Bitcoin hype and why we should be less enthusiastic about it and more cautious.
  • New York Times: Need a Job? Invent It
    Education specialist Tony Wagner makes the case for using the education system to prepare people to create their own jobs. His key point: people should come out of school not with just a mass of information, but ready to use their knowledge and skills to create value.