Week 34

Last week was fun. A lot of fun.

We met a bunch of new people, like Kelli and Darius from Wells Fargo. They found us on the interwebs and asked us if we wanted to meet during their visit to Berlin. And so we did. Very interesting conversations, and a great chance to swap insights from the US and Europe. We always appreciate this kind of open and frank discussion a lot – for us, internationalisation of our operation is always a very important topic as we like Third Wave to operate from Berlin, but on a global level.

On this note, it also felt as if it was a very startup-driven week in Berlin. Amen emerged on the interational stage with nice press coverage. With a rockstar founder team they are definitely a very welcome addition to Berlin’s technology landscape. It’s also good to see some locals in the core team. There was a lot of buzz about Berlin’s startup scene, but people also rightfully pointed out that most of the well known teams are expats who come to Berlin and not Germans or Berliners who take it upon themselves to create something big.

In addition to that our friends from Readmill – in cooperation with Eyeem – had a great party in their new offices. It was packed, and in true Berlin style even the police showed up in the end. Big up for organizing a cool event with amazing people. If you don’t know Readmill yet, you should definitely sign up and await the beta invite. What we saw so far is very slick and well thought out. They’re very well positioned to become a really interesting player in the market.

On top of that, we enjoy watching Yourneighbours transform themselves completely into their new startup Gidsy. Sharing an office with them is inspiring. Have you ever watched people just go? Doing their thing with whatever energy they have in themselves? Having an idea for a startup is the easy part. Mustering the courage to follow the dream is the hard part, but one that is essential for the success of a company. And Gidsy has it all. (They’re hiring, too.) You go, guys!