Week 74

Last week we released a forecast report, a glimpse into the near future. Also, we traveled a fair bit: Igor went to Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Johannes spent some days in London, Igor and Peter did a presentation in Münster.

A glimpse into the future

Last Tuesday, we released the results of a little side-project of ours, an exercise in forecasting: A glimpse into the near future, subtitled “Insights, Expectations & Hopes for the next 3-5 years”. The idea was simple. We’d ask a few of our smartest friends what they a) expect and b) hope to happen over the next few years. The result is maybe the longest blog post we’ve ever written, and certainly the most fun one I had to write in a long time.

If you’re into embedding image-rich presentations, we have something for you too. We put more or less the whole blogpost as slides on Slideshare.

Again, thanks to the participants, I hope you all feel well represented!

Travel & workshops

Igor briefly swung by Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. While the fair itself isn’t all that exciting, more and more companies use this conference for their big mobile announcements. Well worth the trip. The day after, Igor and I went to Münster to deliver a final presentation for a client. I’ve really come to relish those wrap-ups: It just feels good to come full circle on a project, and to see the progress between start and finish.

Meanwhile, Johannes was in London for a speech at Ogilvy where he talked about the strategy process we work with most of the time. It has to a big part been informed by our experiences working with and for larger agencies, and shows what we think can be done better. We’ve been reflecting about this quite a bit recently and Johannes will cover some of that in his week note next week. And of course, while he was in London, he scooped up some nice freshly roasted beans by Has Bean, one of our favorite roasters.

Event updates

Preparations for Next12, Ignite Berlin and our as-of-yet unnamed Quantified Self event with Hybrid Plattform are coming along well. For the latter two, feel free to signal your interest on the respective websites. More updates on all three soon.