Week 89

After almost two weeks of constant travel, I’m reporting back from two fantastic conferences, Foo Camp and the Open Internet of Things Assembly, as well as a few days in the Bay Area.

Foo Camp, San Francisco, OpenIOT

After near to two weeks of constant travel, I’m writing this on the plane back from London, both exhausted and exhilarated. What a trip! When I received my invitation to Foo Camp, O’Reilly’s invite-only un-conference at their HQ in the Bay Area, I was as surprised as I was stoked. It’s an honor to be invited, and certainly felt like a rite of passage in some ways. So last week I went, and found the gathering of smart folks simply mindblowing. I put up a few impressions on my personal blog.

Invisible economies #foo12

For a few days afterwards I got to spend time in San Francisco, meet a bunch of people and also visit some offices, like the EFF and Mozilla, both who kindly hosted me for awhile. Of course there was also time to check out some fancy coffee – in fact I spent almost two full days at Ritual, who don’t mind laptop dwellers and produce some mean brews.

Working with this view, courtesy of the lovely folks at Mozilla HQ

To round things off, on the way back I stopped by London for the OpenIOT Assembly that our friend Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino had put on. The assembly aimed high – we tried to write the next iteration of a Bill of Rights for the Internet of Things. You can find and undersign the current document online as it’s evolving. It was a great crowd, both the speaker lineup and the audience, with a pretty darn impressive in-depth knowledge of all things IoT.

Wrap up at #openiot. Good day!

Stepping in for Mark Shephard, I hosted a session on the city aspects of the Internet of Things. The session notes are up for discussion on the platform, and I posted my notes over on my blog for easy skimming.

city session at #openiot

New faces

Just when I left we also grew a bit. We mentioned this before, but also posted a brief introduction for our summer intern Jasmine (one more for our new trainee Doro will follow shortly), so make sure to say hi!

What else?

A few weeks back, Prof. Faltin, who researches and teaches entrepreneurship at Freie Universität Berlin, had invited me to an ongoing series of talks and interviews, the Labor für Entrepreneurship. You can find the video online now.

Week 58

A couple of trips half around the world – New York & San Francisco –, some insights from Science Hack Day and future planning will find you in this week note.

I’ve been on the road for the most time in the last four weeks. Between traveling a couple of times to Bonn for some on site work at Postbank, I spent some time in New York meeting exciting people. This particular week note reaches you from San Francisco. The lovely people from Evolution Bureau met me with arms wide open and let me hang around in their lovely office. You should check out what they are doing, it’s pretty amazing stuff.

It looks like the travel schedule will stay busy, expect to see me checking in at locations near you.

New York

Despite arriving with a major cold in New York, I had the pleasure of meeting some old and new friends. It’s always good to hang out with Undercurrent, and I met Ben and Collin from Socialistic. With some people you just instantly know that you are on the same page, and this one was definitely one of those meetings.

While we love Berlin and there are no plans of changing our base of operations, I can’t stop myself from thinking that the things that make Berlin so livable are the same ones that hold us back a bit. That might be just a personal thing, but every time I’m in New York, I get super inspired by the energy of the city, by its pace, and by how much more can be accomplished in one day.

San Francisco

While New York almost feels like a second home by now, it was my first trip to the West Coast. It took me a couple of days to re-adjust to a more relaxed, more mellow rhythm that San Francisco seems to have. Places like Ritual Coffee Roasters & Four Barrel surely helped.

Science Hack Day

As an ambassador for the Science Hack Day in Berlin, I’ve been invited to join the main event here in San Francisco. And what an event it was. You really should have seen what Ariel Waldman and her team accomplished here, it is truly inspiring and if you ever have a chance of attending one of those events, I strongly recommend doing so.

Matt uploaded super nice photos from the event, take a look.

Third Wave retreat

While I’m looking forward to sleeping in my own bed, there will be not much time for that. Two days after I’m back, we will leave for Usedom for our own strategy retreat. This time around we couldn’t keep up with the three month cycle, but we didn’t forget the value of taking the time for ourselves to evaluate what we accomplished in the last month, see what worked best and what didn’t. We will also answer some major questions, like the future of CoCities, and discuss a variety of different projects that are emerging on the horizon.

What will happen in Usedom will surely not stay there.

What we read

We’ve been getting a lot of nice feedback to our weekly reading recommendations. It seems like we found a sweet spot there and many are interested in seeing this kind of curation. Thank you for that.