Patterns for Multiscreen Strategies

A collection of patterns from Precious Design Studio helps developing strategies for an ecosystem of screens.

Jon Stewart recently made fun of CNN for putting up a QR code on screen so viewers could get more info about a story. He put up his own QR code for the Daily Show audience that lead to a website, which basically said that CNN sucked. What makes people like Jon Stewart cringe now, might actually be a very likely scenario for the near future.

We think that just “designing for mobile” isn’t enough anymore. It’s actually about designing for an ecosystem of screens as more and more of us are having at least two screens in use at the same time. We sit in front of the TV while checking some stuff on our iPad. We sit in front of our computers with our smartphones placed beside it.

The clever people at Bonnier R&D and Berg were among the first to think about the ecosystem of screens and how they could work together when they created the concept for NEWS+, their 21st century version of a daily newspaper.

Now the guys from Precious in Hamburg have created a concept of ‘Patterns for Multiscreen Strategies’ that defines some much needed principales to start with.