Week 95: Our essential qualities

Among many things, Jasmine left us with a list of essential qualities she observed in our approach to our work. We think that this is a spot on description of what Third Wave is about.

Last week, our intern Jasmine wrote about the consulting work she did for us. And what a brilliant job she did. We get booked by clients to do this all the time. Nevertheless, it was a great experience for us to see how helpful it can be to have someone come in from the outside and give you a fresh perspective on everything you’re doing. We’ve been discussing the company for more than two years now. An outside perspective is just what we needed.

While we work through all the material that Jasmine left us with to consider, we want to share with you a list of essential qualities that, from Jasmine’s perspective, set Third Wave’s services apart:

  1. Service scope — Developing strategies for the digital world
    The problems and solutions Third Wave deals in aren’t necessarily digital, but the context is. That’s the world we live in.

  2. Insight — Helping clients navigate change and make smart decisions
    Third Wave embraces change and complexity, then translates the team’s insights in an accessible way. The team excels at helping clients make sense of complexity, invigorate stale thinking, and find ways to implement new strategies.

  3. Perspective — Focusing on systemic problem-solving
    Third Wave dives to the core of a business to find holes and gaps, then creates solutions that are embedded within the deepest level of an organization. It’s not a surface approach to strategy.

  4. Agility — Delivering unexpected solutions
    Third Wave takes a multidisciplinary approach to projects, finding inspiration in a diverse range of information and making unconventional associations that lead to unique and intelligent strategies.

  5. Mediation — Bringing everyone to the table
    Often times, it is an internal issue that causes a client to get stuck. Third Wave helps clients understand what it is they want and need, working with multiple cross-functional departments to ensure that a strategy is comprehensive and there is necessary capability for implementation.

  6. Holistic benefits — Making companies more humane
    Although very much focused on how a company operates in the digital world, Third Wave’s overarching goal is to help each client use technology in a way that ultimately helps them to become more humane.

This is a spot on description of the Third Wave approach that has emerged in the last two years.

While we’re chewing on this, I’m continuing my work in Frankfurt, helping an agency with a big pitch. The rest of the crew is keeping the ball rolling in Berlin.