Week 84

Looking back at the Berlin Web Week, its potential and looking forward to our first new hire.

Berlin Web Week

May, you mother of all networking possibilities.

To be perfectly honest, I wasn’t fully convinced about the whole idea of having a Berlin Web Week with two conferences tied so closely to each other. It seemed as if it would create somewhat of a stress test for the people trying to be at both conferences, too many work flows, etc. And it did, but I have to say that being part of this web week, I definitely see the benefits.

For a long time now, Berlin enjoy has been enjoying the glory of being Germany’s main address for everything digital. The Berlin Web Week with re:publica and NEXT Conference only highlighted that and gave people here and visitors alike the opportunity to see the full potential.

It’s been a tremendously exhausting week, but one full of many old and new friends, plenty good connections, too many beers and a healthy outlook into the future.


We hired someone. While she is still in a contract with somebody else, we will refrain from naming names, but it won’t be a big surprise to you when we will reveal it.

While we started thinking about who and how to hire, we actually didn’t have plans to do so before October of this year. But when opportunities emerge, we like to take them as they come. Sometimes it is more important to see the potential of a situation than sticking to a plan.

And yet, I don’t have any issues admitting that this in fact is a big step for us. It will change the dynamic, we will have to start actually thinking about more then the founding members of this company. If you have any advice to share, please don’t hesitate to drop us a line in the comments. I would love to see a discussion about this emerge.

Additionally to this first hire, we will also have one intern and two new trainees over the course of the next six month. Which brings our head count to a total of 7, although not full-time. Still, seven individuals will perform work under the umbrella of Third Wave and we couldn’t be more exited about things to come.