Teaming up with VCCP again. Looking for Social Media Trainees.

We are teaming up with VCCP again to look for two more trainees in the Social Media sphere.

Our collaboration with VCCP was a full success. We searched for a young candidate and trained her in the social media ways while she gained practical experience working alongside the teams at VCCP. It was an experiment, and as it turned out, one that led us to a successful new way of social media apprenticeship. Ergo, it was an easy decision to continue this collaboration between VCCP and Third Wave.

This time, we are looking for two people who want to learn about social media & community management while contributing to the young, agile and dedicated teams at VCCP and here at Third Wave.

Check out the job description and requirements and if you feel like this could be something that you are interested in and you speak German and English fluently , let us know! We would love to hear from you.

Week 62

Where we welcomed Maddie to our team, sent Igor to Umeå and worked on our own near future.

We’re in a bit of an end of year sprint that will last till the end of next week. After that, we’ll wrap up for the rest of the year and enjoy the holidays. So: one more week, go!

Welcome Maddie!

As of last Thursday, Maddie Maher will be working with us. Well, half with us, half with VCCP. We will try to guide her on the way to becoming a digital strategist, and she will help us out with a few projects. Expect her name to show up on our blog more regularly. Also, we did a little introduction interview with Maddie.

IoT2011 at Umeå

Igor was invited to join a fantastic conference, Critically Making the Internet of Things at Umeå, Sweden. It was a great occasion to meet some of the smartest folks out there, in an intimate setting in the middle of nowhere in north Sweden. Bruce Sterling, Molly Steenson, Anne Galloway, Johanna Drucker and Chris Speed were all there, just to name drop a few. More on that soon.

Next Berlin

Our track curation for Next Berlin is coming together nicely. Just having the chance to invite all these great people to speak is quite neat, so in fact my track is filling up quickly. I might have to slow down a bit to leave some space for last minute recruiting. We’re also slowly inching towards a couple more events next year, so follow this blog and our Twitter accounts closely for updates and announcements.

Have a good week & enjoy the holiday season.

Week 60

This week has been all about interviewing people for our project with VCCP and preparing a roadmap for the end of the year.

Interviewing people

Last week we scheduled a full day of conducting interviews for the trainee position of the Social Media Strategist that we want to hire together with VCCP.

We’ve been very impressed with quality of CVs people submitted. The most amazing part was that very few of the people where actually from Germany. People from across Europe and as far as India showed interest in the position.

This is probably due to the international reputation of Berlin as much as the fact that we communicated the opening in English. Still, it was a surprise to us. A good one.

It’s been an overall very good and interesting experience to interview candidates. This position is very much an experiment for both VCCP and us. It requires a specific kind of attitude to be part of this and we’ve been eagerly looking forward to hearing from the applicants how they would approach the experiment and what their expecations towards us are. In this case, it is really important to establish a clear communication between all parties.

End of year sprint

It’s been an exciting and exhausting year. We are currently working on some big projects, especially the big strategy outline for Postbank, and are in the early stages of planning some events.

After our retreat, we decided to adapt a roadmap approach from software development to how we plan our projects. Be that for our clients or for ourselves. Right now, our roadmap for this year ends on December the 16th. After that, we’re going to take it slow for the rest of the year and enjoy a break, let our minds cool down and come back swinging into the next year.

Week 57

An apprenticeship with VCCP Berlin, more work for NEXT12, an update on our work for Postbank and more in this week note.

Hello there. Thanks for tuning in. In case you don’t follow our blog on a regular basis, we had two bigger announcements last week.

Apprenticeship with VCCP Berlin

First off, we have teamed up with our friends at VCCP Berlin to create a new form of apprenticeship for young strategists. The demand for talent is enormous, especially in digital communications. Strategists with the perfect mix of well-trained skills and in-depth experience are almost impossible to find. The hope is with the younger talents that are well-educated but still lack the hands-on experience. That’s where we come in. In our joint project with VCCP, we help them find and hire a rookie strategist. For 50% of her time in the first months, the person will work with us while we show her the ropes and get her up to speed. The other 50% the person will spend at VCCP, getting into the clients and projects, she will be working on full-time later. Instead of sending someone to some evening seminars or master programs, we think that our approach is more effective for real-world experience and practical skills. We’ll soon find out if it will stand our own expectations. The details including the job description are here.


After hosting the social media track at NEXT11 this year, we’re stepping it up a notch for NEXT12. We will be hosting two tracks and none of them will be the social media one. We’re going for the more experimental stuff this time and will, again, bring some fresh faces and ideas to Berlin that will – you know it – distribute the future more evenly.

Gidsy is live

Our good friends and office neighbors Gidsy have been designing and coding the nights away for the last few months. Last week, they finally draw back the curtain for the world to see their ‘market place of experiences’. And they’re getting some well deserved attention for it.


We’re in the middle of our initial research phase with our most recent client. Like Peter mentioned last week, we’re having a great time diving deeper into this company and the internal setup. It not only gives us a much better starting point for developing a strategy but also all the interviews with the stakeholders help to create a closer relationship right form the start. The interviews are not only a good way for us to learn about the company, they are also a good opportunity for the stakeholders to get to know us better and build some trust in our work.

Social Media Keynote

A keynote I gave a couple of weeks ago at the Social Media Convention in Zurich has gotten some attention for our approach to social media. If you haven’t seen it yet, watch the video here (in German).


Igor just landed in New York to spend a couple of days with meetings and coffee dates before he flies on to San Francisco for Science Hack Day. Peter is in London for the Mozilla Festival and Internet Week Europe until Tuesday. I will be at Barcamp Hamburg on Saturday.

If you know anyone who might be interested in what we’re doing or thinking about, always feel free to forward this newsletter or pass on a link to our website.

Have a great week, enjoy this beautiful autumn and remember to let the water cool down a bit before brewing your coffee.

Teaming up with VCCP to recruit the Social Media Strategist of the future

We are teaming up with VCCP to find, recruit and help shape the strategist of the future. This is very much an experiment, but we believe that together we can provide an interesting career opportunity.

Do you know how many times people ask or hint to us that they would want to hire somebody like us for their company? Without being too arrogant about it: it’s quite often. We usually say that this is a problem that many have, because there is certainly a lack of qualified strategists or consultants who approach today’s jobs the way we always try to. Most people in the business are looking for the quick job, telling people something about the importance of Social without actually explaining how it will effect their clients’ companies.

That’s how Social Media got its bad rep today.

And so we decided not to profit from the lack of capable strategists, but help recruit and shape them. Mainly, because we believe that the more people do amazing work, the more it elevates the level for all of us.

Fortunately with VCCP we found an agency that is open to a new approach. And by all means, this certainly is an experiment.

The Experiment

What we will do is this: Together with VCCP we will be looking for somebody who is interested in the emerging digital sphere – yes, in social media, too – and has the curiosity and ability to put things into perspective. More often then not, our job is not to talk about technology, but about change in behavior, and to explain the implications to clients. It can be abstract at times, but mostly it means that it is our job to be interested in everything.

Finding a candidate is not the experiment. What comes afterwards is. You – yes, it might be you – will work part time for VCCP and part time for us. At least for the first six months. Our goal is to share how we work and why we are good at what we do. You will learn from us, to apply your knowledge at your main employer: VCCP.

What do we get out of this? First of all, we are always interested in experiments and this is certainly one. Second: While you are working for us, you will be helping us with our projects. This way, you can get insight into two companies during your first six months and profit from the experience of both companies for your future career.

Read the full job profile and send us your CV to

Update: Thank you for all the applications and pointers, we found a great candidate.