Week 122: Optimizing Workflows

In recent months, we started quite a few experiments that are aimed at optimizing established work flows, as well as finding new ones.

As I am writing this, there is a still unanswered memo from Johannes that I have to address about a potential new experiment of ours.

In recent months, we started quite a few experiments that are aimed at optimizing established workflows, as well as finding new ones. We switched to a 4-day output, 1-day input model. We established that new ideas can only be presented at meetings if the originator took the time to write a memo – not bullet points – to structure it before. Our constant documentation of these ideas in week notes also helped us understand ourselves better and make our thinking tangible and accessible to people outside of the company.

Not only that, we have been recently asked to speak about the way we work. diffferent invited us to an event they call “Meet the fffriends.” Basically, they asked us to talk about ourselves, and Maddie and I got to sit in comfortable chairs, talk about what is close to our hearts and, in between things, pet a dog while everybody else was listening to us. It was fun and if they should ever ask you to take part in that series of talks, make sure that you do.

Only recently we re-introduced ourselves to the idea that we need to spend more time thinking about the way work is being done. A friend of ours told us something over lunch that triggered a line of thought, or to be more precise, made us see a pattern. Everything that we do, be that when approaching communication strategy or reshaping a large corporation’s business model, starts with the way people inside those organizations will bring our strategy and insights into a daily work routine.

Expect to see us write and speak about this more over the coming month.

Author: Igor

Igor likes to connect the dots. As a strategic consultant in an increasingly complex world, he favours broad knowledge over specialisation. In the last five years, he helped shape strategic decisions at large corporations like Deutsche Postbank AG and Deutsche Telekom AG as well as at startups like Amen and refund.me. In his work he is focusing always on finding the appropriate solutions as well as the people who will be executing upon his advice. Beside the consulting work, Igor speaks at international conferences on variety of topics (SXSW, PICNIC, re:publica, etc.).