Week 161

A week note about having to write a week note.

Ok, can I be honest here? I have to write this week note and I don’t really have an idea what to write about. You see, I have this annoying half-assed cold that is neither here nor there but provides a constant slight headache. Usually, I develop a rough idea throughout the week or on the weekend for what a week note should be about. But today: nothing. I blame the headache.

Sometimes it’s just like that. Ideas and inspiration have run dry and you have to work your way towards new ones. So I’m sitting down at our new conference table with my iPad and my bluetooth keyboard and I’m writing out my thoughts until they make more sense.1 Most of the time, I use this strategy to empty my head when I’ve been mulling over something for to long and my thoughts have become too chaotic. Then I do these brain-dumps where I force myself to write at least 600 words as they come.2 No need for structure or anything. It’s not meant to be ever read again. It’s just so that I can “think out loud” and through this process clear my head and sort my thoughts. Whenever I do it, it works so well that I’m always wondering why I don’t do it more often.

But today, it’s different. My head is not full of thoughts, it feels, well, empty. Last week was pretty packed. We had two projects where deadlines came up a bit out of the blue, so we had to put in some extra shifts. I mostly worked on putting together and writing out an extensive trend report. No wonder, I feel a bit emptied out. This week is a typical “in between projects”-week. Seems like a good opportunity to watch all the videos from Improving Reality 2013 and read through Dan Hill’s extensive review of his first year as CEO of Fabrica, the design practice and school in Northern Italy. There are worse ways to fill a whole week.

I have to say, with this headache and my body feeling a bit under the weather in general, it’s tempting to lay out the mattress and have a nap. I mean, we got the thing to have quick power naps after lunch3. But who says you can’t have one just before lunch? Or maybe another banana from the fruit basket?4 Ok, I think I have talked about enough recent changes around the office now. I will go back to my desk now and stare at the daylight lamp until I finally have an idea for what to write about in this darn week note.

  1. I’ve been really enjoying to write in Editorial on the iPad. It’s a marvelously well thought-out editor for writers with a lot of power under the hood to build “workflows” that make creating text for the web much easier. 

  2. I’ve learned this from the great 750words project that I tried to follow for some time. 

  3. I can highly recommend this. Doing a 15 minutes nap makes a huge difference in my afternoon concentration. We bought a good mattress from Muji that is very comfortable. For the extra kick, have an espresso right before the nap to have the caffeine kick in when you get up again. 

  4. We have a subscription for a weekly delivery of fresh organic fruits via fruit@work. Not the cheapest option, but convenient, healthy and highly recommended. 

Author: Johannes

Johannes is a strategist and consultant for digital communications. His work is informed by his experience of working with brands like Deutsche Telekom, MTV, Postbank, Maggi and Nike and by his insatiable appetite for finding the bigger patterns behind current developments in technology and science. Holding a diploma in Media System Design, Johannes is a regular speaker at web and marketing conferences like Republica and the Social Media Summit.