Week 46 – Ask us anything!

We didn’t have time to write a real weeknote, so we’re taking questions instead. Let us know what we can do for you!

Last week has just been too busy with client work that’s off-limits for weeknotes. That’s why this one is late, too – so here’s the deal: You can pick a topic. Ask us anything!

Everybody is curious, has a burning question or feels challenged by, well, a challenge. We’re here to help. You tell us what you’d like to know, and we’ll pick a couple of the most interesting questions, dig into them and try to help you solve the mystery.

This could be anything. You have a business-related strategy question or need a productivity hack? Maybe you’re looking for a reading recommendation or simply a pointer to the best coffeeshop nearby? Let us know what it is that you need, and we’ll try and help out.

So, feel free to go ahead and ask in the comments. We know that some questions are not meant for the public to hear, so you can also email us a bit more confidentially at info @ [youknowtherest]. In that case we’ll post the answer in public here on the blog, but we won’t include your name or the context.

What are you waiting for?

ps. Join us for FatSIX! As always, we’ll have after work drinks Fridays at six around the corner from our office (location, Facebook). Is it FatSIX yet?

Author: Peter

Peter is a digital strategist who enjoys connecting people, insights and ideas. Before founding Third Wave he worked as a freelancer with clients like ARTE, Wolters Kluwer, Bertelsmann Stiftung, Google, SPD, Tumblr and several public broadcasters. He organized events like TEDxKreuzberg, atoms&bits and Likemind. Peter holds masters degrees in Communications and Media from Freie Universität Berlin (MA) and The University of Sydney (MMP). Peter has lived in Berlin, Sydney and Washington, DC.