Week 52 – One Year of Third Wave

Third Wave turns one today. This is one of those blog posts that makes all three of us look back, scratch our heads and wonder where time went. Instead of pathos, let me throw out a few numbers and lists and thoughts, a couple of shout outs, and ideas for the next year.

Third Wave turns 1 today. This is one of those blog posts that makes all three of us look back, scratch our heads and wonder where time went. But we’re not big on pathos, so I won’t go that route. (Even if it’s tempting.) Instead, let me throw out a few numbers and lists and thoughts, a couple of shout outs, and ideas for the next year.

(Fuzzy) travel stats

Half a year ago, Igor put together a whole slew of statistics about our first six months. I’m not going to expand much on the travel stats, but: we’ve worked with some 30 clients altogether ranging from big media outlet to startup to agency to bank. Within the last half year alone, we had some 25 projects, which (according to Dopplr) between the three of us brought us to Amsterdam, Bonn, Frankfurt, Munich, Cologne, London, Hamburg, Vienna, New York, Stuttgart, Wiesbaden, Zürich and Caputh (it’s a real town, look it up). Already lined up are trips to Frankfurt, Amsterdam, London, Bonn, New York and San Francisco.

We like conferences

For us, conferences & other meetups are more than just duty. They’re an important part of our lives in many ways, and we’ve always been involved in events even before we founded our company. So we’re all quite happy we got the chance to be involved at a number of great conferences besides our own, including SxSW, PICNIC, Next (disclosure: clients of ours), TEDxKreuzberg, re:publica, SIGINT, as well as a number of smaller ones. What’s more, we were kindly invited to join a number of advisory boards and juries, and we’re all glad we get a chance to give something back (or rather pay it forward) that way.

It’s not as easy as we thought

Along the way, we hit speed bumps and made mistakes. Some would have been easy to avoid, others we had to make ourselves to really learn the lessons. In many, many case we were able to avoid mistakes thanks to our fantastic friends and colleagues. Thank you. (You know who you are.)

It’s easier than we thought

Other things worked out much easier than expected. Take group dynamics for example – even under pressure, things between the three of us have been working out well, and we still push each other to the next level. We managed to establish a stable client base and feel lucky to work with a bunch of really smart people every day.

In the only pitch we did under our own name (ie not for a client), we set for the tough and risky road and proposed what we thought was the right thing to do – some heavy lifting and internal changes – and beat some of the biggest agencies in the country. This came as a delightful shock to us, particularly since initially we almost decided to not even take part.

We don’t know what we do, but we know what we’re doing

Ok, that sounds a bit silly. But as avid readers of this blog you know we’ve always struggled a bit in describing what exactly it is we’re doing – or rather: slapping a label on our work. We managed to break our activities down in several formats, or lenses, that depending on your viewpoint describe what it is that we do. To name a few of them: Third Wave in 7 Slides, Reclaiming Social Media, our services in detail, Translation Layers.

So, we might not know what it is we do; but we really know what we’re doing.

What’s next?

As if we knew! The near future looks as exciting to us as it does to you. There are a few fix points: Some major new client projects are coming up, we have invitations for a few very cool conferences, and we have a few trips lined up. We’ve been looking closely at a few emerging topics we’ll be exploring further. And if things work out, we’ll have a couple great collaborations coming up.

But most importantly, we’ll keep exploring new paths of all sorts, and embrace serendipity.

Thank you all for your support & for the great ride.

Mrs Landingham! What’s next?

Author: Peter

Peter is a digital strategist who enjoys connecting people, insights and ideas. Before founding Third Wave he worked as a freelancer with clients like ARTE, Wolters Kluwer, Bertelsmann Stiftung, Google, SPD, Tumblr and several public broadcasters. He organized events like TEDxKreuzberg, atoms&bits and Likemind. Peter holds masters degrees in Communications and Media from Freie Universität Berlin (MA) and The University of Sydney (MMP). Peter has lived in Berlin, Sydney and Washington, DC.

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  1. Happy Birthday guys! It is always fascinating and inspiring to read your blog posts, week notes, or seeing you in news articles, interviews or even live recordings from an event. It is a shame I haven’t seen you in a long time, but following your movements and journeys digitally has been always a pleasure. I wish you all the best for the future, and hope to cross your roads before I come back to Germany next summer. Cheers and Chapeau!

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