Week 53

Social is baked, it’s about details from now on, says Russell Davies and we agree. It’s an exciting time to be actually able to grasp and explain the full implications of social and we are happy to do it.

Once in a while, I stumble over a blog post and think to myself: Yes, that’s exactly it. Here is Russell Davies on Social:

But, social media feels done. Baked. It feels like we don’t need a bunch of new social media tools or publishing technologies. It’s pretty easy for anyone who wants to put something on the web to do so.

It reminds me of a thing I saw in a coffee shop a while ago. A little plastic thing, a bit like an ice-cream spoon. I couldn’t work out what it might be for. And then I realised that it’s to go into the hole in the coffee cup lids to stop the coffee spilling out. That feels a bit like the technological moment we’re in with the social web. Were fiddling around at the edges of mostly solved problems.

When we talk to our clients, we always try to emphasize the human and social behavior factor of even thinking about implementing a social strategy. While it is superbly important and beneficial to understand the underlining technology, it is not where the focus should be. We live in times of extreme technology-induced change; that is a given. The platforms that we use today are technological manifestations around a certain human behavior. They help shape it, but they are replaceable. Again, it is not about technology but about the fundamental change in how we behave. To that note, Russell’s assertion just simplifies how we need to think about Social. The technological revolution of Social is over, everything that we will see from here on in that field will be iterations of what we already have. That’s helpful. It frees up the cognitive space to think about what really is important.

And that’s how we approach our clients. We help them to focus on what’s important, often by shaping the questions, not only the answers. That’s what we’ve been doing since we started, that’s what we did last week.

More concretely: We are mostly in full prep mode for multiple new projects. So it’s mostly heads down, headphones on and a lot of face time with our screens right now.

Author: Igor

Igor likes to connect the dots. As a strategic consultant in an increasingly complex world, he favours broad knowledge over specialisation. In the last five years, he helped shape strategic decisions at large corporations like Deutsche Postbank AG and Deutsche Telekom AG as well as at startups like Amen and refund.me. In his work he is focusing always on finding the appropriate solutions as well as the people who will be executing upon his advice. Beside the consulting work, Igor speaks at international conferences on variety of topics (SXSW, PICNIC, re:publica, etc.).