Week 65

We’re back from the holidays and ready to kick off the new year. Have a great 2012!

It’s a new year. All Top 10 lists have been published, read & linked to, the holiday feasts are over, and just like you we’re back at work.

After our intimate Christmas party we closed shop to recharge our batteries while visiting friends and family. Now, almost two weeks later, we’re relaxed and ready to go.

There’s a whole bunch of projects we are planning to tackle this year. There’s a few events coming up, client work to do, and a couple of side projects that we’ll figure out along the way. So it’s going to be interesting and fun and plenty to learn. We can’t wait to dig in.

We wish you a Happy New Year & a great 2012!

Author: Peter

Peter is a digital strategist who enjoys connecting people, insights and ideas. Before founding Third Wave he worked as a freelancer with clients like ARTE, Wolters Kluwer, Bertelsmann Stiftung, Google, SPD, Tumblr and several public broadcasters. He organized events like TEDxKreuzberg, atoms&bits and Likemind. Peter holds masters degrees in Communications and Media from Freie Universität Berlin (MA) and The University of Sydney (MMP). Peter has lived in Berlin, Sydney and Washington, DC.