Week 86

In which we think about growing, team dynamics and implicit values, and wrap up our May event marathon.

Growing pains (are sweet)

We’re about to grow, and quite significantly given our small team: With Maddie, we’ll have our first non-founder join us. As we three, as founders, are all employed by Third Wave as well, that makes her employee number 4, and as such the first real addition to the core team. Additionally, two trainees for VCCP are going to join us for six months, and we’ll have an intern join us from her home in California for two months over the summer. That brings us up to 7 people total, from 4 right now.

This is exciting, and we’re figuring out how best to prepare for the influx of smart team members. This goes from more lofty things like leadership questions down to the banal side of things, like ordering chairs and sorting out document folders.

Personally, I’m really curious to see how team dynamics change, how we can keep the information flow going strong without creating too much overhead, how to foster knowledge transfer without too much redundancy. It’s a good challenge to have, and we’re happy to take it on. We’re also all looking forward to discussing ideas in this larger round, and to figure out together how to make the best out of all the energy & capacity that we now have, combined.

Implicit values

We’ve always been thinking about values, and how to run a business. Keep in mind that one of the founding resolutions for Third Wave was to set up a sustainable, responsible business. I’m mentioning this because I just read about Etsy becoming a B-Corp, and there’s a lot in the blog post about Etsy’s values, neatly in bullet points. There’s always a bit of an inherent risk of sounding blasé or just corporate-y by trying to sum up something as big and rich as values in bullet points, but I think Matt & Co actually did a great job.

So Third Wave is built around some inherent, implicit values that we’ve always consciously avoided writing down. But let’s just say that building sustainable relationships instead of unnecessary upsell, top quality instead of scale, and openness instead of obscurity & lock-in are all somewhere close to the center of how we want to run this thing. Despite having never put down a “mission statement” or a “values” document, these things are always implicit in what we do.

Wrapping up Next12, Digitale Selbervermessung (#dise12) and Ignite Berlin

If you’d like to read up on how things went at Next12 and #dise12, you can now find some documentation online, namely a photo gallery and a brief wrapup of #dise12, and a growing archive of videos of Next12 talks and interviews. And if you missed the live event, all the Ignite Berlin talks are now available online.

What else?

Thursday, I had the honor of being invited as a guest to Prof. Faltin’s Labor für Entrepreneurship, a long-running series of interviews around entrepreneurship and related fields. Prof. Faltin interviewed three guests that night – Olympic bronze medal winner Ditte Kotzian, life & startup coach Jana K. Scharfschwerdt and me. Videos will be up on entrepreneurship.de soon.

On Friday, while Igor was on jury duty for the LeadAwards, the rest of us set up the projector to watch the berthing of the Dragon on NASA TV, which needless to say was awesome. We did so while I was having the Campusparty Europe team over, who are planning one heck of an event. (Hint: it’s going to include 10.000 geeks camping out on a former airport; robots; bio hacking; and lots of flying things.) I’m happy to report that we might get involved in one way or another. Once that was all set, together with our office buddy Matt we all sang the 2001 theme song while the ISS’ Canadarm connected with Dragon. In other words, just your normal Friday afternoon in the Makers Loft.

Author: Peter

Peter is a digital strategist who enjoys connecting people, insights and ideas. Before founding Third Wave he worked as a freelancer with clients like ARTE, Wolters Kluwer, Bertelsmann Stiftung, Google, SPD, Tumblr and several public broadcasters. He organized events like TEDxKreuzberg, atoms&bits and Likemind. Peter holds masters degrees in Communications and Media from Freie Universität Berlin (MA) and The University of Sydney (MMP). Peter has lived in Berlin, Sydney and Washington, DC.