Week 99

Coming back from some intense weeks, Johannes reflects on current projects.

These last weeks have left us with a lot to process and reflect on, as you can read in our latest statement. Good, then, that we’re finally taking some vacations over the coming weeks. Igor is already lounging somewhere on the Mediterranean. In two weeks, it will be my turn.

Contributing a tool

Until then, there are still a lot of projects going on. I spent most of July and the beginning of August in Frankfurt, helping an agency with a big dialogue marketing pitch. The interesting part for me was that I wasn’t really hired to just do one job but more to be the missing link between strategy and the creatives. My biggest contribution to the pitch was developing some kind of tool that helped to translate the creative briefs and touchpoint strategies of the planning department into a framework for creating ideas. But instead of creating just another Excel or Powerpoint template, we did it all with Magic Paper and Post-its, of course. The effect was that everyone could stand together in front of a wall with all the information before them, able to have productive discussions. This is usually not a big deal, but in this case, it was just the right tool to have people working closer and faster together on a pitch.
This seems to be a typical contribution that we regularly make to our clients’ projects in addition to the work that they’ve hired us for: optimizing processes and providing an outside perspective that will lead to valuable insights on how to do stuff better.

A social media B2B client

Currently, we’re working on one of our first major social media strategies for a B2B client. B2B is still one of those mostly untapped areas for social media because the solution here is usually not “just Facebook.” You have to look much closer at the target groups and the broader context of the brand. Challenging stuff, just as we like it.


In the last two weeks, I’ve been going back and forth between Berlin and Vienna to help an agency developing a social media feasibility study for a big public agency in Austria.
Besides the always welcome visit to Vienna, it’s interesting to see the similarities and differences in approaches to social media.

It is shaping up to be a great autumn with more projects coming in. If you’re interested in working with us, send us a message. We’d love to hear from you.

Author: Johannes

Johannes is a strategist and consultant for digital communications. His work is informed by his experience of working with brands like Deutsche Telekom, MTV, Postbank, Maggi and Nike and by his insatiable appetite for finding the bigger patterns behind current developments in technology and science. Holding a diploma in Media System Design, Johannes is a regular speaker at web and marketing conferences like Republica and the Social Media Summit.