Welcome once again, Maddie!

Starting this week, Madeline Maher joined the team once again, this time as a full-time strategist and researcher. Welcome!

Almost exactly half a year ago, Maddie joined us as a trainee. Starting this week, she’s joined us again, as a full-time strategist/researcher, and officially our first team member outside our merry crew of three founders. This is awesome, and so on behalf of the three of us I’d like to say once more:

Welcome to the team, Maddie!

So now with a half year to look back on and compare to, let’s revisit some of those questions you answered last time as well as a couple new ones.

What are the websites or feeds without which a day just isn’t complete these days?
This Is My Jam, as ever, though I have been a bit remiss in posting lately. I also just started trying out Prismatic, which is kind of like Google Reader, but it tries to learn what articles and topics you like and don’t like, and pulls quite interesting things from your Twitter feed that you may otherwise have missed. It allows me to sort by topic rather than by source, which seems more natural and logical. Also, Aleks Krotoski has been running a seven-part show called The Digital Human on BBC Radio 4 that I’ve been downloading and listening to every week as the episodes come out.

After working “in the field” for six months, where do you see the biggest challenges for digital strategy?
Digital strategy can only be effectively applied on top of working interpersonal communication within an organization. The more people work in an organization, the more the system tends to behave like a game of Broken Telephone – unless ideas and goals are communicated clearly to everyone, these messages will get distorted as they’re passed from one person to the other. Communication with the public can’t work properly unless communication within the organization works properly, too. I think one of the bigger challenges is overcoming the common misconception that internal issues can be safely ignored while developing a digital strategy.

What are the bigger issues you are thinking about these days, the problems you’d like to tackle?
I’d still like to find ways of using digital strategy to fix things that are very broken in secondary and post-secondary education systems. Perhaps we could find a way to team up with organizations like the Science Gallery in Dublin or the Hive Learning Network to work on these things.

What’s your coffee setup at home?
Ah, about that. I have beans, and I have a percolator. I don’t have a grinder. So for now there’s only tea. I tend to get most of my non-office coffee from Café CK around the corner on Oranienstraße and KaffeeBar on Graefestraße.

Where can folks find more of your stuff online?
My blog has grown a very little bit in the last six months. I collect images and assorted other things I like on Gimmebar. Things I’m reading or would like to read are either on Pinboard or QuoteFM.

Author: Peter

Peter is a digital strategist who enjoys connecting people, insights and ideas. Before founding Third Wave he worked as a freelancer with clients like ARTE, Wolters Kluwer, Bertelsmann Stiftung, Google, SPD, Tumblr and several public broadcasters. He organized events like TEDxKreuzberg, atoms&bits and Likemind. Peter holds masters degrees in Communications and Media from Freie Universität Berlin (MA) and The University of Sydney (MMP). Peter has lived in Berlin, Sydney and Washington, DC.