What we read this week (10 Aug)

In this weekly reads: how biohacking emerges as a movement, we learn about space law and the fact that the UN has an office for Outer Space Affairs, how passwords do not seem to be enough for the cloud computing age, old pay phones living a new life as wifi hotspots and how there is new legislation on the way to regulate the damage that is being done by patent trolls in the US.

Quotes of the week

I’m safely on the surface of Mars. GALE CRATER I AM IN YOU!!!

Curiosity Rover

Articles of the week

  • The Verge: Cyborg America: inside the strange new world of basement body hackers
    “When you have technology and biomedical research and a pissed off angry population that loves tattoos this is bound to happen.”. There is little than can describe this fantastic story by The Verge more then this quote. Astonishing journey into the world of biohacking.
  • Fast Company: Space Lawyers: They Exist
    NASA, Space, Mars. All of them have been in the news for the last couple of days. And rightfully so. But when it comes to space and exploration, there is more then only technology to it. Space Law might seem like uncharted territory. And it is, but less than one would think.
  • Wired: How Apple and Amazon Security Flaws Led to My Epic Hacking
    In an alarming article, journalist Mat Honan describes how most of his essential online services were hacked or erased, from Twitter to Gmail to the data on his Mac devices. Along the way, he exposes some of the security flaws that put interconnected, cloud-based accounts at severe risk. A must-read that will hopefully get you to re-evaluate your current personal security setup.
  • BostInno: City Officials Want to Turn Old Payphones Into WiFi Hotspots
    Disappearing at a rate of about 10% per year in the US, public pay phones don’t seem to have much of a future. That may change, at least in Boston. City officials there are thinking about repurposing the mostly unused pay phones to become publicly available WiFi routers across the city.
  • EFF: Can You Believe It? Legislation that Would Actually Help Fix the Patent System There is a much needed debate raging about the patent system world wide and especially in the US. Especially now with the epic Apple vs. Samsung case raging through media outlets, this topic became of public concern. And surprisingly enough, there is even a tendency to correct the state of affairs.

Author: Igor

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