What we read this week (14 Sep)

This week’s reads dig into the human work behind Google Maps, a new tool for online education (also by Google), what makes Firefox OS special, a program that recognizes the objects in sketches, and a diplomat’s legacy in his gaming community.

Quotes of the week

The future’s kind of funny-looking, but it’s probably the future you deserve.

Warren Ellis

Where you’re searching from has become almost as important as what you’re searching for.

Alexis Madrigal

Articles of the week

Author: Maddie

Maddie is a strategist and researcher. She spends much of her time on the think tank side of Third Wave, and enjoys getting into the details of many different topics at once. Through this foraging for information, she finds ways to apply knowledge from one field in new, seemingly disparate ones, both in client work and other research. She holds an interdisciplinary BA in Computer Science, Linguistics and German, and has previously worked at VCCP and at the Science Gallery in Dublin.