What we read this week (7 Dec)

The Reads this week: 100 pieces on how to use the city, why speaking about those Billion dollar evaluations can hurt a startup, insights from an Emerging Media engineer at the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum, Economist’s Content Marketing Bid and a new series by James Bridle.

Quote of the week

Are you famous?

Yes. Not very famous. You don’t know me, I’ll get there someday.

Ellen Grossman & Jay-Z

Articles of the week

  • Speedbird: The City Is Here For You To Use: 100 easy pieces
    Adam Greenfield – a friend, the author of Everyware and the keynote speaker of our own Cognitive Cities Conference – has published somewhat of an outline of his upcoming book “The City Is Here For You To Use”. Now we can’t wait for the final product to leave the printing press (or the CMS of the kindle store).
  • A VC: Nobody Is Crying For You When You Are Worth Billions
    Fred Wilson on startup valuations, what those big numbers usually mean and how communicating those doesn’t necessarily help startups.
  • aaronland: time pixels
    Aaron Straup Cope is Senior Engineer for Digital and Emerging Media at the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum and an all-around smart thinker and tinkerer. In this talk, he shares some of his observations and experiments.
  • Digiday: The Economist’s Content Marketing Bid
    In this day and age, publishing houses need to reinvent themselves. Here is a documentation how The Economist, one of the most established names in the business, is attempting to do that.
  • Booktwo: Six posts about the present
    James Bridle is writing another series of blog posts to externalize and collect (not so) random thoughts and observations he had during the last months. We especially recommend his concept of Starbooks and how we impersonate the machine.

Author: Igor

Igor likes to connect the dots. As a strategic consultant in an increasingly complex world, he favours broad knowledge over specialisation. In the last five years, he helped shape strategic decisions at large corporations like Deutsche Postbank AG and Deutsche Telekom AG as well as at startups like Amen and refund.me. In his work he is focusing always on finding the appropriate solutions as well as the people who will be executing upon his advice. Beside the consulting work, Igor speaks at international conferences on variety of topics (SXSW, PICNIC, re:publica, etc.).